“Wild” Bill Cody

Bill Cody was a standout linebacker for the Auburn Tigers in the season of 1964, now 66 and after years of service in the National Football League, “Wild” Bill has fond memories and NO memories of times spent on the gridiron;

During a 1964 game in Gainesville, Fla., Cody too a particularly hard hit and headed to the bench.

The only problem was that he went to the Florida sideline.

“I don’t know how I got knocked silly, but I actually went over and sat down on their bench,”  said Cody, who had suffered a concussion.  “Kenny Howard, the old trainer at Auburn, he came over and got me.  I don’t remember this, but they told me that’s what happened.”

His memory lapse does not end with that game, rather it is just beginning to manifest itself in his life now, and he truly and deeply believes that it is due to his multiple concussions in the game;

“My wife over the period of the last 3 or 4 years has said, ‘You don’t ever listen’ or ‘why didn’t you do what I told you,'” Cody  said.  “All wives say those things, but I don’t remember her telling me that.  That’s become more frequent.  If she told me something yesterday, I might or might not remember.

“It is just frustrating that you just did something yesterday or the day before and you can’t remember what you did.  You know you did something.  Two or three days later it might all of a sudden just hit you.”

The al.com article not only highlights the concussion issue but it also drives home the need of former players to get assistance from the league with continual health issues.  Dainel Boyette of the Press-Register concluded his article by stating that Cody tells him he does not suffer from other issues related to long-term effects of the multiple head injuries, and in fact remains very active.

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