NOCSAE Awards Grants

With the NOCSAE Winter meeting over the news is that they are awarding $610,000 in grants to study concussions and creating a new advisory board to drive research in this area.

During the winter board meeting, NOCSAE approved a new research grant of nearly $340,000 to study concussion biomechanics and awarded a second year of funding for the following:

  • Can Anthropometric Measurements Explain Gender Differences in Concussion Rates Among High School Basketball, Soccer and Lacrosse Players? R. Dawn Comstock, PhD, Assistant Professor Center for Injury Research and Policy
  • The effect of sport-related concussion on cognition, balance, symptoms and health-related quality of life in adolescent athletes. Tamara C. Valovich McLeod, Ph.D., ATC, Associate Professor, Athletic Training
  • Genetic risk factors for concussion, concussion severity, and neurocognitive recovery from concussion in college football and soccer players. Tom Terrell, M.D.

More information on the 2011 grant recipients can be found on the NOCSAE website in the coming weeks.

As an extension of the Multidisciplinary Concussion Task Force, NOCSAE created the new Scientific Advisory Panel chaired by Dr. Robert Cantu, NOCSAE vice president and one of the nation’s top sports concussion specialists. The Scientific Advisory Committee will focus specifically on conducting and directing scientific research to help answer pivotal questions about concussion and helmet standards.  During the winter board meeting, NOCSAE referred additional multi-year concussion related grant proposals to the new committee for evaluation.

One of the pressing issues, the “concussion threshold” for helmets was discussed but was not acted upon, as information in this area is lacking, pointing to the need for the Advisory Board, Dr. Cantu;

“NOCSAE is fully committed to protecting the millions of athletes who choose to play sports. Despite a significant investment in concussion-related research, scientists have not determined what helmet performance threshold can be adopted that will result in increased concussion prevention. I am confident that the Scientific Advisory Committee will conduct and direct goal-specific research intended to provide the answers which can be incorporated into our standards to better protect against concussions”

One thought on “NOCSAE Awards Grants

  1. Lauren January 25, 2011 / 17:02

    I played soccer up until college, when I had to end my career due to numerous concussions. I think it is priceless that this kind of research is done.

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