That Was Quick

I am a relative noob when it comes to blogging/journalism “light”; being hopeful this blog had and will have an impact seemed naive at best, guess I have been deemed wrong again and again and again…


Remember my post about Chicago moving an ordinance along about concussions?  (It is just two below this one)  And how I pretty much screamed for the state legislature to get the move on, even inviting an email for any needed guidance… I didn’t get an email…  But I did get a phone call, again from a source wanting to remain unnamed (seems to be a pattern with this unnamed sources recently) letting me know that there is a push for this issue and that the Chicago ordinance caught EVERYONE “flat-footed”.  There will be something “soon” I was told.

Good, and thank you for visiting The Concussion Blog!


A fellow athletic trainer recently emailed us to tell me that he has been following since Post 1.  He figured we were going in the right direction and used it as a resource but figured, like myself, that it’s a blog and it has its limits.  He was wrong and so am I, as his medical director asked him about it and shared with him that the stuff we are putting out is good and very informational.


Dr. Broglio of the University of Illinois wanted to let everyone know he is very thankful for your participation in the research and that the audience of The Concussion Blog has been and will continue to be very, very helpful in further projects!


As an information “nerd” I like to see our website stats, not so much how many people are visiting but seeing who is linking this information, and would it shock you, as it did me, that; Sports Illustrated, Deadspin, ESPN, Uniwatch and loads of message boards (shout out to Illinois High School have linked us?  Just hope the later of those are not tearing us to shreds too much!


This leads me to a simple…  Thank You!  And keep all the information coming, everyone can participate in this experience…

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