Concussion Vital Signs

As I highlighted at the end of last year, there are other neurocognitive tools that health care professionals can use for assessing concussion issues.  In that post I told you that CNSVS would be releasing their concussion-specific package very soon, and that is now.

I am honored and privileged to be the the FIRST outlet to report on this, making this the “unofficial/official” release of Concussion Vital Signs. The website went live early last week but is now ready for business.


MORRISVILLE, NC (January, 2011) – CNS Vital Signs announces the introduction of a new
sports concussion web-based assessment platform, Concussion Vital Signs. The
Concussion Vital Signs assessment platform incorporates scientifically proven neurocognitive
tests, concussion symptom scales, and athlete reported history. Baselining and assessing an
athlete’s cognitive state, tracking symptom resolution, and documenting past concussions
remain key components to assessing an athlete’s concussion status and helping clinicians solve
what has been described as a “return-to-play puzzle”.

Read the entire press release by clicking above.

Getting signed up is easy and cost effective, says Crag Fitzgerald, “Concussion Vital Signs is very affordable, for instance a high school annual subscription is $375 dollars. This annual subscription provides each school with unlimited baselining and post-injury testing.”

Remember that the best craftsmen have access to the best knowledge and tools available so if your school or clinic is looking for a neurocognitive testing battery take a look at Concussion Vital Signs.

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