Chicago Taking Measures

The Chicago City Council’s Finance and Education Committees advanced a measure that would mirror the IHSA and NFHS guidelines for dealing with concussions.  The Chicago Sun Times reported earlier today on this;

The City Council’s Finance and Education committees agreed to use school exemptions from water and sewer fees as a hammer to enforce the anti-concussion crackdown. Schools that allow injured athletes to return to the field prematurely — either to practice or participate in games — would lose their exemptions, under the ordinance championed by Finance Chairman Edward M. Burke (14th) and Education Committee Chairman Latasha Thomas (17th).

The ordinance would apply to both practices and school-sanctioned athletic events in public and private elementary, middle- and high schools. Injured students “may not return to play” before being evaluated by and receiving written authorization from “a health care professional trained in the evaluation and management of concussion,” the ordinance states.

This is a good first step and “lip-service” from Chicago’s representatives, it shows that it is on the radar and were thinking outside the box in terms of enforcement.  Now my question is, since the Illinois State Government can slap a 66% tax increase on me in just a day, WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THE STATE LEGISLATION on the concussion issue?  Please Illinois DON’T BE THE LAST to enact something.  I live near Springfield, email me and I will meet with you to get you started.

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