Utah Making A Push

What is in the water out west?  Apparently something good as it relates to getting legislation passed for care of the youth during concussive episodes.  Rep. Paul Ryan of Clearfield, Utah has the experience to propose a bill, both personally and professionally, being a former athletic trainer.  Ryan surmises that the awareness and handling of concussions is not nearly up to par, in particular the safe return to play of those that have been concussed.  The wording of the bill also has a unique twist on it; as it would specifically mandate the return of concussed athletes by a physician not only in public and private schools, but club sports and camps where participants are under the age of 18.

Majorie Cortez and Amy Donladson of the Desert News captured this issue in the article explaining the need for the bill;

Instead, they are observing a troubling trend since the UHSAA policy was implemented: doctor shopping by parents whose children have been held out of play following the diagnoses of concussions.

“We’re seeing a little resistance with parents,” Thompson said. “Once their kid is pulled out of play, right away they’re doctor shopping.”

While it is difficult to comprehend why a parent would want to rush their child’s return to play, high school seasons are short and some athletes feel a great urgency to return to their teams and attempt to capture the attention of college scouts.

Truly disturbing that some parents feel as though their son/daughter brains’ are less important than being on the field.  This is the VERY reason for legislation of this kind.  Also the general disregard for safety of the youth that some parents exhibit is why this blog and others like it are EXTREMELY important.

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