Another Blogger Perspective

I have found that awareness of concussions is growing, along with that growth are new outlets for this awareness, including blogs.  Each blog host has different backgrounds and ideas of how and what we want to present, that is why I am ALWAYS open to what others think and bring.

Nick has a blog called Concussion Talk at and wrote a good post about Favre and Collie from his eyes.

Awareness won’t eliminate concussions either, but it will help to reduce the likelihood of longer-term brain injury. First concussion: bad, second concussion: exponentially worse…

Whether it’s an experienced quarterback seemingly immune to injury, or a receiver two years into his career, head injuries in football don’t discriminate. Their prevalence in contact sports is obvious. Concussions should be seen not as a ‘risk’ in contact sports and not quite an inevitability either, but is important that they be recognized as part of the game that cannot be ignored.

Give Nick a look he too is trying to bring awareness to this issue.

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