Why Athletic Trainers Are Needed

Yesterday I ran a post about promotetheprofession, a new blog put together by an athletic training colleague of mine and today in his second part of his series explaining why schools need athletic trainers, he focuses on concussion awareness and management.

Awareness is great, but management of the concussion is another.  Concussion management is an area that Athletic Trainers excel.  All the high school ATs that I know are very well versed in concussion prevention, recognition, management, research and return to play protocols.  What is scary is that many, many doctors don’t have the same expertise that athletic trainers do.

Further aiding the athletic trainer’s management of the concussed athlete is daily access.  It would be very difficult and awfully expensive to see a doctor who is good with concussions on a daily basis but an ATC at the high school will see the athlete daily and often several times a day.  Not only does the athlete trainer evaluate the athlete in the athletic training room, the AT can monitor the concussed athlete during prescribed exertional testing.

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