This Is What I Am Talking About

It seems as though with the new year there are some out there that want to spread the word about concussions, and probably just as important Athletic Training, both as a profession and the professional themselves.  This is EXACTLY what I had hoped would begin to happen at the beginning of my blogging adventure.

From having a new blogger, Mike Hopper, to a new athletic training blog inspired by this one, promotetheprofession, the information about both issues is beginning to flow.  Granted it’s a small sample and only deals directly with this blog, but who knows how many others are out there?  What is known, is that this resource is being given to many, including parents, kids and coaches and as many eyes we can get the better.  Even the “Mighty Mississippi” at its most rapidly flowing place starts with just a trickle of water up north.

promotheprofession, run by Paul LaDuke, Jr., is a great launch and will be a great cooperative for this site.   His angle and ideas are brought to you in a traditional blogging format and are worth the visits.  I will be linking some of his sorties here, and he will have a permanent link on the front page.  Take a quick read on today’s post;

Name another health-care profession that gives you the instant and convenient access that the AT provides in the traditional setting (high school, college, sports teams)?  Almost all health care professionals in today’s world go to their office and patients come to them…

I can’t think of another health care provider that interacts with their client base on such a personal level as an AT.  We are known to spend long hours at our work all to give the athletes access to our services.

Keep up the good work Paul!


In related news Dr. David Geier an orthopedic surgeon and columnist for The Post and Courier, wrote today about New Year’s Resolutions and the top 4 things he would like to see in 2011, as it relates to Sports Medicine;

  1. Stop Glamorizing Big Hits In Football
  2. Put Athletic Trainers In Every School
  3. Don’t Be “Those Parents”
  4. Promote The STOP Sports Injuries Campaign

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