NFL Concussion Analysis, YOU Can Help (UPDATED List)

UPDATE: The initial list has been narrowed down to 6 5 players Initial list is complete, efforting the rest of the helmets…  If anyone is liking this research and wants to do more contact me and I will forward you another part of the complete

Through the season we have brought you The Concussion Report for the NFL, citing the concussions in the league and giving you statistics along the way.  During the first week of the playoffs, I asked for your help in identifying concussions from Week 17 because the NFL does not list them if they are not in the playoffs, and you responded.

Now with the urging of others, Will Carroll included, we are setting out on a much larger task; Identifying the helmets on these players.  I say much larger, what I really mean is HUGE, as this information is about as tightly guarded as Cold War secrets.  This is why we are asking for your help.  We would like those of you, so inclined, to use that time on the internet for some ground-breaking data, data that may not even exist.  It will take some time, but I am confident many of you out there are capable of accomplishing this feat.

Here is the process; I will show you helmets and identifying characteristics of each helmet maker, then we will attempt to get a picture or screen grab of the listed players in that particular game/instance.  It has to be that game in which it occurred, because players have been known to change helmets, more so after a concussion.  You will then send that information via email to and we will compile all information to give a breakdown.  If you give us information we will cite you and your work, UNLESS you do not want to be cited (this is important if there are equipment managers that want to contribute anonymously).

This is a VERY important project, and one that I cannot do alone, pass it along and let us see where the helmets stand.  DISCLAIMER:  Riddell has the vast majority of helmets on players so they would logically have the most instances of injury, we will further break it down as to “expected” numbers based on this knowledge.

Without further hesitation here are the helmets;

Riddell (Visit their website )

There are two current models, The Revolution (registered trademark) and The Revolution (registered trademark) Speed, as well as older models.

The key to Riddell helmets is that you will see the “Riddell” tags on the forehead of the helmet, as they are the only helmet maker that is allowed to have this on their helmet.  With the first helmet you will notice a rounded facemask on the sides, the second has an angular facemask and well the old one is what we have become accustomed to seeing.

Schutt (Visit their website)

Schutt has three models as well, DNA (and DNA Pro), Ion4D and AiR (all registered trademarks).

Distinct markers of these helmets include the blue interior padding as seen in first helmet, the unique facemask as seen in the second helmet and the ventilation holes in the top of the helmet in a circular pattern as seen in the third.

Xenith (Visit their website)

Xenith is a newcomer on the scene so there are relatively few of these as in comparison.

The ear hole and the ventilation in the back of the helmet is unique to this helmet.  The raised spine can be confused with the Riddell’s so that alone should not be a distinguishing characteristic.  The most unique marker may be how it is viewed from straight on, the helmets inner-liner is like a cap inside and looks as though it is form fit to their head (don’t have a photo of this).


If your evidence does not fit any of the above then it would be in the this category.


Regardless if you are good at identifying the helmets, if you have a photo/screen grab of the player in that game send it in we can try to identify the helmets.

Now for the list, 43 of the 165 and counting of players 26%, (note that multiple concussed players may switch helmets from game to game they were hurt).  As a helmet is identified there will the players name will be struck-through…

Addai Joseph RB IND 0 S (A.XP)
Ryan Clifton DL STL 1 R (VSR4)
Bradley Stewart LB PHI 1 R (Rev)
Kolb Kevin QB PHI 1 S (A.Old)
Boss Kevin TE NYG 1 S (Ion)
Hillenmyer Hunter LB CHI 1 R (Rev)
Ryan Clifton DL STL 3 R (VSR4)
Manningham Mario WR NYG 3 S (AiR)
Cutler Jay QB CHI 4 R (Spd)
Scheffler Tony TE DET 4 R (VSR4)
Shipley Jordan WR CIN 4 R (Spd)
Rodgers Aaron QB GB 5 R (VSR4)
Robinson Dunta DB ATL 6 S (A.Old)
Garrard David QB JAX 6 R (Spd)
Cooley Chris TE WAS 6 R (Spd)
Cribbs Josh WR CLE 6 X
Edelman Julian WR NE 6 R (VSR4)
Jackson DeSean WR PHI 6 S (A.Old)
Hall Max QB ARI 7 R (Spd)
Hasselbeck Matt QB SEA 8 R (VSR4)
Ivory Chris RB NO 8 S (A.XP)
Stewart Johnathan RB CAR 9 S (A.Old)
Collie Austin WR IND 9 S (A.XP)
Clauson Jimmy QB CAR 10 S (A.Old)
Ward Hines WR PIT 10 R (VSR4)
Williams Roy DB CIN 11 R (VSR4)
Collie Austin WR IND 11 S (A.XP)
Anderson Derek QB ARI 13 R (Spd)
Sproles Darren RB SD 13 R (VSR4)
Clifton Chad OL GB 13 R (VSR4)
Bowens David LB CLE 14 R (VSR4)
Rodgers Aaron QB GB 14 R (VSR4)
Collie Austin WR IND 15 S (A.XP)
Walker Langston OL OAK 15 R (Rev)
Favre Brett QB MIN 15 R (VSR4)
Rice Sidney WR MIN 16 R (VSR4)
Johnson Landon LB DET 16 X
Stokley Brandon WR SEA 16 R (Rev)
Miller Zach TE JAX 16 R (VSR4)
Fitzgerald Larry WR ARI 16 R (Rev)
Woodhead Danny RB NE 17 R (Spd)

21 thoughts on “NFL Concussion Analysis, YOU Can Help (UPDATED List)

  1. klt January 6, 2011 / 14:07

    what about Rawlings, Adams, etc. you are leaving out some heavy hitters

    • Dustin Fink January 6, 2011 / 15:56

      Those have almost been phased out, but you are correct they were “heavy hitters”, they will fall in the Other category then I will try to ID them…

  2. Squish78 January 6, 2011 / 14:16

    From all I have noticed, its mostly players that wear the old style Riddell helmets, not the revolution or revolution speed.

  3. jdb January 6, 2011 / 15:40

    Fantastic idea. I’ve sent in some stuff I looked at for Austin Collie. Speaking of, his second concussion was in week 11, not week 13. I linked to some info on that to show when it happened in my email.

    • Dustin Fink January 6, 2011 / 16:08

      re: Collie Week 13 = Me an IDIOT… It was week 11 as I have documented on this site…

  4. Jeff January 6, 2011 / 22:48

    This MAY be totally UNTRUE, but I’ve long wondered why the NFL doesn’t use a much lighter helmet a la a hockey helmet. From my experience playing both sports as a kid I kinda though anecdotally that a lot of the concussions in football come from the weight and material of the football helmet itself.

    From my experience I haven’t heard about hockey having the same concussion problem as football and one could argue that hockey is nearly as violent, and even if not they are moving much faster than an NFL player making hits. Who knows, thats my 2 cents!

  5. scott January 7, 2011 / 07:01

    eliminate pads, or greatly reduce them. as pads have improved (lighter and stronger) and the players have improved (bigger faster stronger) defenders can impart more force with a lowered risk of injury to themselves. look at a sport like rugby and find out how many concussions they have. that will give you a baseline for no pads compared to with pads. i dont know the data but i bet the nfl has way more concussion than any aussie rules league. (if you find the data please post it somewhere) defenders are gonna bring the hit stick as long as all they are risking is their wallet and not playing career.

  6. Dustin Fink January 7, 2011 / 11:35

    Keep ’em coming!!! Good work by all…

  7. Caleb January 7, 2011 / 12:45

    Hines Ward wears an old Riddell helmet.

  8. Brian January 7, 2011 / 13:46

    I found a couple of images off of the week 13 game with Sproles but couldn’t make out the helmet:

    Anybody else able to make them out?

    • Dustin Fink January 7, 2011 / 13:54

      judging by the very small “R” in the first picture, and the side shot we will call it Riddell, old model VSR4 to be specific…

    • D.Jones January 15, 2011 / 15:42

      Raiders = Schutt Air (maybe Pro Air II or Air Advantage)

      Chargers = Riddell VSR4

  9. Jeff January 8, 2011 / 10:26

    Just to clarify, Schutt has two different “Air” models still in use in the NFL. The “Air Advantage” model, which was discontinued by Schutt about 2-3 years ago but is still worn by a decent amount of players in the NFL and is on the far right in the photo you provided above. The other “Air” model is the “Air XP”. They are very similar in terms of the shell shape with the “Advantage” model having round ear holes and the “XP” has trapezoidal shaped ear holes. The other significant difference is the “XP” has the TPU internal padding also found in their “DNA” and “ION 4D” models. (Jason Witten of the Cowboys still wears an “Air Advantage” model while L. T. of the Jets wears the “XP” version.)

    • Dustin Fink January 8, 2011 / 10:49

      Thank you very much for that clarification… I also believe the “old” Riddell model is the VSR4, discontinued as well, but still on players heads…

  10. GoBucks February 7, 2011 / 12:43

    I’m writing a research paper on the problem with head injuries in the NFL…Does anyone know what type of helmet Aaron Rodgers was wearing in the Bears game when Julius Peppers nailed him? Rodgers claimed it saved him from a concussion..

    • Dustin Fink February 7, 2011 / 13:08

      Schutt AirXP, he switched from a Riddell VSR4…

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