US Senator Wants To Examine Helmet Makers

Senator Tom Udall (D) N.M. is asking that the Federal Trade Commission take a closer look at what helmet manufacturers and re-conditioners are  promoting in terms of helmet safety.

In a letter dated Tuesday — a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press on Monday night — Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., tells FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz that helmet companies “appear to be using misleading advertising claims” and that “some helmet reconditioning companies may be falsely selling used helmets as meeting an industry safety standard.”

In his letter to the FTC’s Leibowitz, Udall says he is “troubled by misleading marketing claims by Riddell, a leading helmet maker that supplies the official helmet to the National Football League.”

In particular, Sen. Udall called out both Riddell and Schutt for their actions.  Both companies are welcoming the concern and look forward to helping in any matter possible.

Regardless of the charge, helmet standards need to be changed and addressed now.  The current standards are only for skull fractures and have nothing to do with concussions or traumatic brain injury.  An outdated and archaic NOCSAE is in charge of this “certification” for football helmets, but technology and information about the head injuries have changed.  It is time for new standards, but it is too bad that it takes “big government” to make changes.

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