Dr. Bailes Gives 7 Ways To Help With Concussion Management

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Chuck Finder (a regular writer on concussions and previously cited here) had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Julian Bailes of the BIRI and discuss some thoughts on ways to help avoid damage from concussions.  His article is both brief and very informational, so give it a read, here are the seven (I cannot rip off his whole article so here are the topics).

  1. Continue improvement in helmet technology
  2. Limit exposures in practice
  3. Enforce existing rules on helmet-to-helmet contact
  4. Study Omega 3/DHA (fish oil) supplements
  5. Take lineman out of three point stance
  6. Take a more conservative management approach
  7. Genetic testing

Although I am obviously late to the party on the BIRI, Dr. Bailes has always been on the radar screen and is mentioned in the same breath as the other “leaders” in head injuries/concussions.  I have been a proponent of five of the seven, and only now am understanding the genetic aspect of the concussion.  The only one that I have yet to come around on is the 3-point stance, but it too has A LOT of merit.

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