College Football Assistance Fund

Something new and refreshing, a group to look into and help those college players that sustain injuries that may otherwise go unnoticed or untreated.

The College Football Assistance Fund (CFAF) is a non-profit tax-exempt organization dedicated to the support of football players who have sustained serious injuries through college football. Assistance will be provided to ease the burden of medical costs associated with injuries such as joint replacement, spine treatment, neurological care and other related expenses.

The CFAF was established in 2010 by a group of collegiate coaches and athletic administrators concerned about the limited resources available to injured football players.

Players that are lucky enough to be picked up the NFL, CFL or other professional organizations with insurances to cover costs of injuries are lucky, but are just a handful in comparison to the rest of the players who deal with devastating injuries for the rest of their lives.  Concussions and head injuries are just the problem that would need assistance from the CFAF.

A great idea, backed by some very high-ranking individuals.  About CFAF.  This organization too will be linked on this site.

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