Play It Safe Wisconsin

Mark Warhus of the Brain Injury Association of Wisconsin is beginning a campaign to help everyone understand and recognize signs and symptoms of a concussion.

“In the end, the parent, player and coach sign an agreement that they are aware and will follow the correct protocol to prevent injury,” said Warhus, adding that the new campaign, which will include visits to area schools and youth programs, is expected to be up and running in the spring.

The key spokesperson for this campaign is Justin Greenwood who at the age of 22 suffered from Second Impact Syndrome leading to a long road to recovery.

“It wasn’t even a major tackle,” said his mother, Glenda, now of Oak Creek, who had watched her son play football from middle school into college…

After the play, the 22-year-old staggered off the field, collapsed and went into a coma.

Surviving SIS is a feat, and now being able to articulate what the dangers are go along way for everyone out there.  From being a player and having the “warrior” mentality of not leaving the game for a simple headache Greenwood is now taking what he has experienced out in the public for awareness and educational purposes.


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