GazetteNET Concussion Series

If you get some time, check out some stories ran in this series.  LINK

Concussions in sports — at all ages — have become a source of national concern, and the Pioneer Valley is no different. January 1 marks the target date for compliance with a new state law that seeks to educate officials at the state’s schools about concussions and set rules for dealing with young athletes who have suffered one. The Gazette’s three-day series takes a look at the law and what it aims to do; talks with athletes who have suffered concussions about the effects on their lives and games; demystifies the medical realities of concussions as much as possible, given the state of current knowledge; and looks at what local college, high school and youth sports programs are doing about the problem.

There are various stories written by the staff of GazetteNET;

  • Neurocognitive Testing
  • UMass getting involved
  • Doctors refining techniques for concussions
  • Parents and families
  • New Law
  • A high school softball catchers run-in with concussions
  • And more

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