Another Neurocognitive Testing Battery

With the rise in concussion awareness, there has been more research being done to find tools to help identify both severity and return to normalcy.  The most highlighted neurocognitive test is ImPACT, however there are others out there.  Like most technology, it only gets better as each generation of tests come out. Neurocognitive testing is better today than it was just 2 years ago.

I recently had a webinar with CNS Vital Signs and Craig Fitzgerald to show me the “new” concussion spin off of their already proven research designed and supported Vital Signs, that many doctors, pharmaceutical, and clinics use on a daily basis for mental health issues/results.

Vital Signs is described by Mr. Fitzgerald;

The CNS VS assessment platforms have been used in busy clinics, as well, as global research initiatives, for most every neuropsychiatric condition. The advantage that CNS Vital Signs brings is our ability to deliver a research quality system to every clinician to help increase your practice efficiencies and depth of knowledge regarding a patient’s health status.

As I was allowed to tool around on the new Concussion platform, I was impressed with its relative ease.  Some of the batteries used for concussion specific testing are similar in nature to the ImPACT platform, testing verbal and visual recall, reaction time, etc.  However, CNS has some added batteries that can identify deeper brain issues and raise flags for ADD and depression.  This is why this system is unique, the research and clinic quality background gives this platform depth.

Another aspect of this product is the modular component.  Clients can take each separate portion of the tests (symptom scale, history, actual tests) independent of one another, even the ability for the client to do the history/symptom scale at home prior to the actual testing, thus saving time.

The last highlight I will focus on is how this neurocognitive test is designed to do the testing FIRST, thus not factoring in fatigue of the brain by filling out histories and symptoms prior to the test itself.

The concussion-specific testing will be available very soon.  Until then you can go and look at their website for more information by clicking above or in our “links” section.  If you have a need/time to get way more in-depth you can contact them at and request a web based learning session, just tell them that The Concussion Blog sent you!

One thought on “Another Neurocognitive Testing Battery

  1. Cindy January 5, 2013 / 08:08

    Does anyone have any researched based information on the Head Minder neurocognitive test? I can only find the company’s manual, no independent research information. I fully support the idea of baseline and then post-concussion testing, but only if the instrument can give valid and reliable information.

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