Successful Return

404 yards and four touchdowns later, Aaron Rodgers looked “pretty good” upon returning from his second concussion, I think that is successful.  There were a lot of people concerned about Rodgers returning because of the number of concussions he has sustained this year.  That concern is ill-founded according to the current management of concussions.

True the “old model” used to explain that a second concussion should disqualify a person for a month but as we explained previously research has gotten better since the 80’s and we are no longer concerned about the number of concussions, rather how the person recovers from each and every concussion, independent of the previous one.

According to the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers passed all tests and has been symptom free at rest and with activity for roughly 5 days.  That is more than enough to satisfy the most strict/conservative of policies.

A quick side note about players returning from concussions.  I have seen in the news that players are returning with a “safer” helmet, or “a helmet to prevent concussion”, most recent Aaron Rodgers.  The first point is that NO HELMET can prevent concussions, yet.  The second point is more an observation, the players have been returning with the Schutt DNA helmet, rather than the Riddell Revo Speed.  In most articles you will not see this mentioned, yet another side effect of the “official helmet of the NFL” policy, I believe.

Everyone have a good week!

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