QB Delivers Concussion

Kerry Collins, QB for the Tennessee Titans, threw a ball out of bounds and hit starting defensive lineman William Hayes in the head.  Not too unusual, except for the fact that Hayes was diagnosed with a concussion afterward and did not return.  It has been that kind of season for the Titans.  LINK


In other NFL QB news, it is being reported that Brett Favre has not passed his “first part” of the concussion test as of today, his status remains doubtful for the postponed game in Philly.  LINK


Early reports have 6-7 concussions in the league during Week 16, can you say sesquicentenary mark?

One thought on “QB Delivers Concussion

  1. mnhopper1s December 27, 2010 / 22:19

    Favre won’t be back this week. From the sounds of it, his symptoms aren’t gone yet either. I would be pretty surprised if he’s even taken IMPACT since it was stated yesterday he still had a headache and numbness in his hand after the concussion..

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