Athletic Trainers for Christmas

Thanks to regular follower Mike Hopper for finding this gem from The Portland Press Herald in Portland, Maine.  Dr. James Glazer wrote an editorial about how all of Maine’s schools should have an athletic trainer, by simply writing Santa about his wishes.

All I want for Christmas this year is an athletic trainer for each of Maine’s high schools. I know it is a lot to ask, but I’ll explain why it is so important.

Put simply, for the thousands of Maine teenagers who play high school sports, an athletic trainer is the most essential piece of safety equipment. They’re more important than shin guards for soccer athletes, than mouth guards for hockey players, and even more important than helmets for football players.

Dr. Glazer promotes athletic trainers at all times and has an interesting perspective as to what we do on a daily basis;

Athletic trainers are some of the most hard-working people in our schools. They open up the training room hours before the athletes hit the field, and they stay long after the teams’ equipment has been put away. Most athletic trainers wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they only had one thing going on at a time. Most can easily perform an entire evaluation with one athlete while taping three others, and at the same time keep tabs on the four basketball players rooting around in their desk for a snack.

I’ve never been around a training room that wasn’t a bustling hub of activity. Plenty of athletes come for treatment, but just as many are there to hang out. Athletic trainers, in addition to being great clinicians, usually chose their career because they genuinely care for the kids.

His direction and call for action is in the state of Maine, it applies to ALL states;

But as your school’s budget is being debated, think about this: When your son or daughter is at an away game, lying on a strange field in pain, frightened about an injury they just sustained, who do you want out there keeping them safe? In that situation, and in a thousand others all over Maine, there’s no substitute for an athletic trainer.

If you see more of these articles send it our way, not only do we bring concussion awareness but we are here to promote the health care professionals, athletic trainers.

2 thoughts on “Athletic Trainers for Christmas

  1. Paul LaDuke December 27, 2010 / 13:22

    Posted this article to my Facebook page! This is the type of support that athletic training needs! We need more MDs pushing for our presence in each and every high school that supports an athletic department.

    Simple math – 14,500+ high school football teams according to NFHS. 6,800 ATCs claim the high school as their job setting according to the NATA. There is a need for at least 8,000 ATCs to provide care to our nation’s high school football players!

  2. mnhopper1s December 27, 2010 / 22:21

    This article is definitely important. We need to see more of this. There have been numerous articles about the importance of athletic trainers, but many of the articles have quoted athletic trainers. Gee.. I think just about any profession would say how important they are. We need more physicians stepping up and saying how important we are.

    Athletic Trainers understand the role and the scope of our jobs. We understand that what we do is important. But we have to find a way for the public to understand that AND we need other health professionals stepping up and saying that we are important.

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