‘Red Flag’ Interview

Glen Kulka is a former Canadian Football Player, WWE Wrestler, MMA Fighter and current father of two who did an interview with Chris Stevenson of the Barrie Examiner in Canada.

Glenn Kulka stopped counting his concussions when the number hit 16.

“What’s it matter after that?” wondered the former CFL defensive lineman, WWE wrestler, mixed martial arts fighter and radio host on the Team 1200 in Ottawa.

He has been keeping a close eye on all the research coming out on concussions in hopes that his future will be filled with memories of his kids doing the things he loved to do.

“I’ve got an eight-and a six-year-old I’m cooking dinner for right now. I wonder how long I’m going to be here and what my quality of life is going to be. Right now I’m sweating it. You peek around the corner and you don’t know what’s going to be there. The red flag is up.”

Currently he is dealing with post-concussion symptoms from being KO’ed in his last MMA fight and is just now getting back to working out and staying physically fit.

“Go out in a crowd? Not a chance,” he said. “I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoes. I had headaches all day long. Laying down and closing my eyes was the only way they would subside. Sometimes it took all day. It got to the point where I could sit in a chair and do it, just close my eyes and shut my brain off.

“I became a shell of myself. There was depression and anxiety. It got to the point where I wouldn’t answer the phone because, halfway through a sentence, I would forget what I was talking about. I was embarrassed and with that came shame and depression.”

Kulka seems to be very outspoken on this matter and I for one am applauding his opinion on this.

“I read a comment from a hockey parent after their kid had suffered a concussion and he asked, ‘What’s he supposed to do, become a swimmer?’ The answer is, ‘Yeah.’ Because I have kids and because what I have been through, I really think that’s a discussion parents need to have with a doctor or two.

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