Another Group To Study Brains

Dr. Charles Tator of Toronto Western Hospital in Canada is beginning the process to study brains for lasting effects of head injuries.  The study will not be unlike what Boston University is doing in conjunction with Sports Legacy Institute.  Dr. Tator is trying to focus his study on the hockey community as he feels that it has been under-studied in this sport.

A similar project at Boston University has been focusing largely on football, examining 17 brains of former NFLers and one NHLer, Reggie Fleming, revealing CTE is a degenerative disease similar to Alzheimer’s. It can lead to personality changes and dementia.

Interestingly, the first brain donated to the Toronto Western study is that of former Canadian Football League player Jay Roberts.

Tator said he is hoping that as players learn of this study, they will donate their brains so that those following behind will benefit from the information gleaned from the study.

St. Catharines Standard STORY

This is also a good time to recognize what they are doing north of the border by developing ThinkFirst, a concussion education and prevention programe (I threw the ‘e’ in there for the Canadians).  Good work ‘eh, keep it coming!

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