More High School Statistics

A research study performed by Dr. William P Meehan, III was recently released.  The interesting aspect of this study was that it took into effect the “relatively new” neurocognitive testing and how it impacted those that were concussed. Story

Here is the quick breakdown of the study;

  • 544 Concussions during 2008-2009
  • 76% of concussions were a result of contact with another player
    • Did not break down how many were actual contact to the head
  • 93.4% of the concussions produced in a headache
  • ONLY 4.6% of the concussions (25) resulted in loss of consciousness
  • 83.4% of those concussed had resolution within one week
  • 1.5% had symptoms longer than a month
  • 25.7% of the concussed used neurocognitive testing
  • Using the neurocognitive testing resulted in a longer time out as compared to not using it.

This is some good information for all to digest.  I have some questions/thoughts on it (imagine that); specific daily breakdowns of symptom resolution, confusion and fogginess symptoms, specific mechanism of injury (blow to the head, no contact to head but whiplash, etc.)

The first thought is one that I would be most interested in, because of the graded return to play guidelines all should be following.  If symptoms were gone in 5 days, I would expect that player to be out a minimum of 10 days due to return to play guidelines.

What we do need to keep remembering with these types of research projects, it is subjective in nature, and reliability of an injured athlete is questionable at times, but it is improving.

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