California is on the move in terms of legislation, which is almost “breaking news” in athletic training circles. Currently and traditionally, the California state legislators have had issues listening to and helping the athletic training community. However, this is one issue that the state is moving forward on.

AB 25 as it has been written expands on the NFHS rule that was used this year;

The bill would make the federation’s high school requirement a state law. It also would require parents or guardians of athletes to receive and sign a fact sheet about concussions and head injuries before practices, games or meets begin each year. Athletes of both sexes would be affected, regardless of the sport.

The widest-ranging aspect, however, is that AB 25 would extend the requirements to junior high schools, elementary schools and youth sports of all types by requiring compliance by nonprofit groups that use school or other public facilities or grounds.

I have not seen the exact language of the bill, but if they are following the NFHS guidelines, this supports and recognizes athletic trainers and their responsibilities regarding concussions.

Another great aspect is the addition of making the parents/caregivers responsible for the medical costs, absolving the schools from such payments.

Source Miami Herald (yeah across the country)

One thought on “AB-25

  1. Michael February 20, 2011 / 13:59

    This is all well meaning, but is not the job of the State Legislature which should not distract themselves until they solve the bigger problems including the unsustainable budget deficit and streamlining the excessive regulations that are choking the small business engine of our economy.

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