Announcing Upcoming Event

Youth Concussion Education Forum, a 4-part live webcast series on January 24-27, 2011, will provide the latest information on youth sports-related concussion for coaches, athletic directors and parents of youth athletes.  The goal of this online forum is to give parents and coaches the opportunity to hear directly from concussion experts directly in a live, interactive setting, to ask questions, and to gain information on the latest developments in concussion research, legislation, diagnosis and treatment, and creating a concussion response plan both in the home and in the school.  One webcast will run each day, each focusing on one particular area of the subject.  Given the potential long-terms effects of youth concussions and recent discoveries, this online event is timely, relevant, and extremely necessary.  As an online series schools, youth leagues, and parents have the opportunity to hear the latest developments regardless of where they are located.  In support of concussion research and treatment development, 25% of forum registration proceeds will be donated to concussion research.

If you are interested in attending this webcastClick on the image above or HERE and complete the registration.  As a reader of this blog you will receive a discount on the registration, $75 off for groups and $30 off for individuals.  You MUST enter the following code (case sensitive) TCBrate.

If you are like me and have odd hours, this event will be viewable for 30 days after the event completes, so you can watch at your leisure.  CE credits are pending, however as AT’s we can always use Category D if needed.

Here is a link to the AGENDA.

This is particularly important for those that are learning the nature of concussions; parents, coaches, administration and school staff.  However, it will involve education for all levels of audience.

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