Reported Concussions Up Since 2009

The AP is reporting a 21% increase in concussion/head injury reporting since 2009.  The numbers were attained via the NFL (although exactly how is unknown) for numbers from the preseason through Week 8 ( Story).

According to NFL data obtained by The Associated Press, 154 concussions that happened in practices or games were reported from the start of the preseason through the eighth week of the 2010 regular season.

That is an increase of 21 percent over the 127 concussions through the eighth week of the 2009 season, and a 34 percent jump from the 115 reported over the same span in 2008.

These numbers are different from this blog’s reporting of NFL concussions (we have 72 reported concussions in that same time span, see chart).  There is a reason for this, the numbers presented in the article take into consideration those that are listed in multiple weeks for the same injury.  If you look at the raw injuries the numbers on this site are firm, and as far as we are concerned, correct.  An example would be Randall Gay being listed for four weeks for the same injury, or another would be Kevin Boss being listed in Week 2 and 3….you get the point.

What is not debatable is that the numbers make sense.  They used the same procedure for 2008 and 2009, and I am certain that when we do the same for the past seasons we will see the same increase.

There may not be more concussions this year, just that they are being reported, which is a start.  However we are still seeing teams that omit, forget, or not classify a concussion for various reasons.  The most recent example of this would be Chad Clifton of the Packers, his official listing was “knees” but he did sustain a concussion and was not listed.  Joseph Addai also was reported to have sustained a concussion with his neck injury in Washington, but has yet to be listed as such.

Great work from the AP, however your true reporting will be here on Friday, as always.

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