Aaron Rodgers’ Concussion

The QB for the Green Bay Packers is no spring chicken when it comes to concussions.  Aaron Rodgers suffered his second concussion of the season (first in Week 5), and this time he was unavailable for the media after the game.  A second concussion does not disqualify him for “x” amount of time, it really means nothing.

However… Subsequent concussions, 2nd-3rd-4th, typically take more time from which to recover.  If you remember what is happening in a concussion, the neurons that are injured tend not to recover and the brain has to develop a different route for the synapses, not unlike road construction.  The further you damage your brain the more “road construction” there is, and the longer it takes to process the information.  There is no longer a specific number of concussions that disqualify you, rather it is an evaluation and symptom management that help with that decision.  As long as the brain is fully recovered from the previous concussion, you can return to sports.

We don’t know how Rodgers will handle this one and if the team will follow the correct protocol.  We can only hope they will.  What was evident, after his head was bounced off the turf like a basketball, is that he did not have full body function.  If you watch that incident, you will see him trying to get up, and not being able to get out of a seated position for a second or two.

Good luck to Rodgers and all that have been concussed this season, we are watching how you handle it.

UPDATE:  Rodgers has not received medical clearance and has been ruled out for Sunday night’s game at New England.

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