Alan Schwarz: Helmets

The most profound writer about the head injury issue in sports is by far this man, Alan Schwarz.  I posted yesterday about the AP story from New York about the meeting of NFL minds addressing helmets and concussion safety.  As we all know and see on a daily basis here, I am a hack job when it comes to writing! (haha)  With that being said here is a link to the NY Times story by Alan Schwarz.

The league’s head, neck and spine committee invited helmet manufacturers, physicists, military biomechanists and more to a Manhattan hotel ballroom, where ideas and various brainstorms wafted like flakes in a snow globe. The question was what might stick.

“There are different approaches — that was clear,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ neurosurgeon, Dr. Joe Maroon, added, “The problem is there’s still more questions than answers.”

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