New Legislation; New Jersey

Governor Christie of New Jersey will be signing into law head injury legislation, becoming the 10th state to do so.  It is not different from the NFHS rules about concussions, but NJ goes a step further, requiring schools to have a policy in place along with education for coaches, parents and kids.

Only 40 more and a Nation to go, it’s a start.

3 thoughts on “New Legislation; New Jersey

  1. gwen October 9, 2012 / 22:47

    The law needs to go further to address sports in High School. Let’s make it safe for all kids on the field. I would like to see referees over call a game for the protection of all kids. I see many teams behind in the game they start to play dirty to hurt a player that is making the plays. Can’t we teach a team and coaches to make sure the kids play clean? Isn’t this the same thing as being a bully? My son was cleared to play sports again after being out for 1 year because of the post concussion syndrome. When we tried to go back to school at spring break our school didn’t feel they had to follow the doctor recommendation to a step in process back to school one class at a time with full support of home instruction for the other classes. So he relapsed back to full concussion state since they felt a 1/2 day was good enough. (They got that wrong and din’t listen to the doctor recommendations.) We can do more it needs to start with how it is happening which is on the field. This is a brain injury so lets start the healing from step one modification on day one of the injury.

  2. Your response reveals the fallacy the sport participation by itself creates moral character and discipline…and

    Based on input offered from other parents it is imperative that parents:

    1- know and reflect upon BOTH the risks and benefits of a contact / collision sport prior to allowing their child to particpate in the sport.

    2- be knowledeable re a student’s right to an education laws within the state they reside & also be prepared to strongly advocate for their child’s return to school rights after the youth sustains a concussion

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