Leading By Example

Kevin Guskiewicz, department chair of the University of North Carolina’s Exercise and Sports Science program, is leading the nation in concussion research.  We have highlighted some of his work and quotes here on the blog, but the Daily Tarheel did a piece on him and his beginnings today.

“We’re a sport-crazy society, and I think that’s a good thing,” he said. “Just as exercise and sport scientists, we bear the responsibility to help improve the safety of sport.”

Guskiewicz has pioneered research with accelerometers in helmets as well as simple balance assessments to use as tools for diagnosing concussions.  What makes Guskiewicz a huge impact is his athletic training roots; his approach to keeping the balance between safety and the beauty of sports.  His experience with a former NFL player sparked his interest and keeps him going.

“After having a concussion in a game, he was driving and couldn’t find his way home, couldn’t have a conversation with his kids or his wife,” Guskiewicz said. “There was living proof in Merril Hoge that this was a problem.”

As the concussion problem gains attention you will certainly hear his name more and more, and his previous and ongoing research in the area warrants the publicity.

Thanks to Stephanie Willen Brown for the “heads up” on the story.

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