In my effort to spread the word I frequent message boards and places I can help.  One such place is the Illinois High School Sports website.  After a discussion came up on concussions/head injury in basketball I gave advice and this website for resource, I unexpectedly got this in return;
Thanks for the information you have made available through IHSS. My teenage daughter fell and hit the back of her head last night and exhibits many of the signs of concussion. We took her to the ER and they did a head CT, no bleed on the brain. I would have had her back doing things much quicker had I not read the information on your site and the links in it. After reading the information, I called home and put her on a mental break, as any teenager she was ready to get back to normal, but still has a loss of memory and a strangeness to her.
She went from me probably letting her go back to cheerleading on Monday, to sitting until symptoms clear.

Thanks for spreading your knowledge.

Chris Gordon


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