Wrestling Season

With the winter sports comes wrestling.  No, not rassling, but the Olympic style (actually called Folk Style) in high schools and colleges.  Some inherent risks come with wrestling, and a lot of that risk is head/neck trauma, particularly because there is no head gear.  Yes, there is ear guards but not “brain” guards.  However, in this sport you have a greater chance of significant orthopedic injury versus a head injury, but they do occur like that of a Minnesota freshman.

Mansfield suffered the skull fracture after colliding with another student during wrestling practice on Monday afternoon, according to a report on The Guillotine.com.

After the accident Mansfield was transported by ambulance to Rice Memorial Hospital in Willmar and airlifted to the Hennepin County Medical Center.

He is recovering well and doctors said the injury mainly affected his skull.  Read the entire story HERE.

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