Week 11 Live Concussion Blog…

Once again we hope that there are not many to report, but there will surely be some.  Currently we are four concussions shy of 100 since training camp opened (see here), and I would like to be on top of it today.  However, I cannot do that without the help of many eyes and ears, so I am calling for your assistance.

You can either comment here or tweet to @concussionblog if you have any information.  There are some ground rules;

  • Reported by team
  • Reported by media
  • Player knocked out (but we all should know that NOT being ko’ed still can mean concussion)
  • Player uneasy on feet
    • Notify us of: team, player, position, quarter, return status

That should get us started, thanks for the help!!!


Pregame mode for me, tuning into RedZone, with my Broncos off, my fantasy teams can get the full attention…


I have not seen nor heard of anything this week, I am sure we will learn more after the games.


Ellis Hobbs takes a shot to top of head, obviously lost control of his body and was “KO’ed”.  Reporting movement in extremities, but the fact that he was still prone 4 min. post indicates serious injury.

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