Bad Priorities

A digital photograph taken by myself, Nachoman-au via Wikimedia Commons.
A principal at the San Jose, California area high school Del Mar is under fire for making a questionable decision. An athlete was hurt, with a head injury, during a football game and emergency personnel was called. The ambulance arrived on scene and was denied access to drive on the field to the fallen individual.

Read Story from Mecury News HERE

The story broke from KGO-TV of San Fransisco and had these quotes;

Del Mar’s principal, Liz Seabury, says she was following district orders, banning motorized vehicles on the school’s recently remodeled field.

“I think it’s a failure to apply common sense across the board,” said Campbell Union High School District board member Matthew Dean.

“I think that they don’t let any ambulance go on any field at any high school games, or at any game period. I don’t think that she did anything wrong. I work in an emergency room and I don’t think it delayed his care at all,” said parent Denise Leyer.

See KGO report and TV video HERE

The second quote is telling, and appropriate in my humble opinion, but common sense needs to be used in all situations. Even if this was a broken arm, taking a bumpy ride on a gurney over 75+ yards of a grass/turfed field is very uncomfortable.

All school districts need to have a plan in place to avoid such instances as this. At our school, the rescue crew is given direct access to an injured player that cannot be removed or moved safely, and should be used on all fields. Again this is another PRIME EXAMPLE of the need of an athletic trainer who can determine if and when it would be appropriate.

Thanks to my editor and senior researcher, Mike Lutz for finding this!

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