82 – Concussion Tally Through Week 9

These players have been listed this week on the Official Injury Report by the NFL.  I will add them to the master list, as my previous computer has crashed and I am resolving that issue as we speak.  However there were 10 reported concussions this week;

  • Mike Adams, DB, CLE
  • Austin Collie, WR, IND
  • Asher Allen, DB, MIN
  • DJ Moore, DB, CHI
  • Greg Hardy, DL, CAR
  • Johnathan Stewart, RB, CAR
  • Will Allen, DB, PIT
  • Mewelde Moore, RB, PIT
  • Isaac Redmond, RB, PIT
  • Max Jean-Giles, OL, PHI

This brings the total to 82 concussions, 74 of which were in the 9 weeks of the regular season.  You might notice that from last week to this week there were a mysterious three concussions added.  I did some searching and found two were players that had been moved to IR before the listing on the injury report, and one was on a team going into a bye.  More stats to follow.

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