Happy B-Day Marines

Today is the 235th year of the United States Marine Corps, and we could not be where we are without them or the other branches.

I have known/know many Marines but there is one Marine that has shaped the way my life is and will continue to be.  His name is David Joseph Fink, and served this fine country during Vietnam.  Nothing haunts this man more than people who told him and continue to tell him that what he did was wrong, the crux of which was being spit on and told he was a “baby killer” when he returned to this fine country.  Well Dad, you did what was asked of you and you lost a lot of good friends, you protected this country and in turn you have instilled every virtue from the USMC that is necessary to have a successful life.  If more people had the “guts” and “drive” to do what you did and continue to do then maybe this country would be a better place.

Take pride in what you have done, learned and passed along, without you none of this is possible, thank you Dad.

Now let’s make sure our service men and women can return to their lives with as much support and help as possible, especially with the concussion issue.

One thought on “Happy B-Day Marines

  1. James L. Paul November 11, 2010 / 10:08

    Hi Dustin, good to hear from you a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for remembering our great military today. Happy Veterans Day. A thank you to all those veterans that have kept me and my family free in this great “land of the free and home of the brave”.

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