69 – Concussion Tally Through Week 8

Only three new additions to the injury list for Week 9 (Steelers and Bengals have not reported yet, will add if information becomes available).

Sicko Scott TE DAL -1
Murphy Louis WR OAK -1
Curry Aaron LB SEA -1
Clayton Mark WR BAL 0
Grant Ryan RB GB 0
Bing Darnell LB HOU 0
Addai Joseph RB IND 0
Ware DJ RB NYG 0
Ghee Brandon DB CIN 1
Sorensen Nick DB CLE 1
Lacey Jacob DB IND 1
Keiaho Freddy LB JAX 1
Thomas Jay DB OAK 1
Furrey Mike WR WAS 1
Moore Matt QB CAR 2
Martin Charly WR CAR 2
Hillenmyer Hunter LB CHI 2
Ware DeMarcus DL DAL 2
Boss Kevin TE NYG 2
Bradley Stewart LB PHI 2
Kolb Kevin QB PHI 2
Ryan Clifton DL STL 2
Davis Will LB ARI 3
Mitchel Carlton WR CLE 3
Witten Jason TE DAL 3
Follett Zack LB DET 3
Gay Randall DB NO 3
Moore Evan TE NYG 3
Dahl Craig DB STL 3
Bryant Anthony DL WAS 3
Redding Corey DL BAL 4
Trusnik Jason LB CLE 4
Manningham Mario WR NYG 4
Ryan Clifton DL STL 4
Martin Sherrod DB CAR 5
Cutler Jay QB CHI 5
Shipley Jordan WR CIN 5
Scheffler Tony TE DET 5
Cooper Riley DB PHI 5
Samuel Asante DB PHI 5
Thomas Demaryius WR DEN 6
Johnson Landon LB DET 6
Rodgers Aaron QB GB 6
Gay Randall DB NO 6
Bell Jacob OL STL 6
Macintosh Rocky LB WAS 6
Robinson Dunta DB ATL 7
Cribbs Josh WR CLE 7
Massaquoi Mohamed WR CLE 7
Garrard David QB JAX 7
Abdullah Husain DB MIN 7
Edelman Julian WR NE 7
Brandon Myers TE OAK 7
Jackson DeSean WR PHI 7
Cooper Riley WR PHI 7
Ryan Clifton DL STL 7
Cooley Chris TE WAS 7
Cox Perrish DB DEN 8
Fluellen Andre DL DET 8
Hall Max QB ARI 8
Thurmond Walter DB SEA 8
Johnson Chris DB OAK 8
Satele Samson OL OAK 8
Shaughnessy Matt DL OAK 8
Smith Jason OL CAR 8
Pitta Dennis TE BAL 9
Ivory Chris RB NO 9
Hasselbeck Matt QB SEA 9

-1=Training Camp, 0=Preseason

Rodney Pool, DB, NYJ was added to the injury report…

Not appearing on the official list are Joseph Addai with “neck” and Ben Hamilton who was reported to have sustained a concussion in the media.  Also, on the official list but not on this one because they are not new injuries are Dunta Robinson and DeSean Jackson.  The number is now 69 – a good drop in the numbers.

  • Concussions per week = 7.66
  • Projected Concussions = 130
  • Current Rate = 7.67%

3 thoughts on “69 – Concussion Tally Through Week 8

  1. Jacob Holmes November 8, 2010 / 17:51

    Thanks for this post. I just used it for a research report into concussions. We at frontoficeblogs.com would love to have you look up our page too. I will probably be writing a smaller version of my concussion essay on there soon. Thanks again!

  2. Kyle November 9, 2010 / 19:50

    It would be awesome if you could compare current data to previous seasons. Is 69 considered high through this point in the season? Is the league on pace for a record amount of concussions?

    Great site

    • Dustin Fink November 9, 2010 / 19:57

      Yes on all accounts… This season has been different, the reporting of concussions has been a hot topic and one being monitored by the League itself. I have not officially looked back yet (takes some time), but it would be this is a new “high” for the League… I should have an updated list for you Wed. night or Thursday some time, but the number is now 71, not including this last weekend… I found two more concussions that never made the injury list instead went straight to IR…

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