The Concussion Blog’s Go To Site For Information

For those that thirst for the knowledge of people smarter than I, there is website out there that can provide you with all the necessary information – Sports Concussion dot Org.

Jean Rickerson has created a top-notch source for medical information about concussions, as well as news and legislative information that is missed on this site. The mission is below;

… was created to help educate coaches, parents, and athletes about the dangers of concussions and the importance of proper management. Founder Jean Rickerson’s son sustained a concussion playing high school football in 2008 and as his four-month-long journey to recovery unfolded, she realized how pervasive the lack of education was. Initially intending to educate his football team, as the stories began flowing in, the magnitude of the problem became very evident. The staff at is dedicated to raising awareness about sports-related concussions by providing free training for coaches, speaking to parents and athletes, and arranging community workshops with concussion experts.

There are not many “outfits” in the blogosphere or interweb that have the heavy hitters like Ms. Rickerson’s development. Click HERE to see the many experts she has assembled.

You can click the picture above the Link section for further information. You can follow them on Twitter @sportsTBI.