Non-Sport Head Injuries Also Problem

I know we usually focus on the concussions and head injuries in sports, however head injuries, especially those that go unchecked can create very dire situations as well.

According to the Belleville News-Democrat (Illinois), a 42 year-old man shot and killed his wife before fleeing and taking his own life.

What makes this an interest to us:

It all may have started with a head injury from a car crash that led to a personality change in the man, police said.

If the police are saying that, this early in the investigation there may be something there.  The key point of this part of the story is the “personality changes” as it related to post head injury.  As we have seen with research into CTE, former high-profile athletes have also had similar anecdotes prior to their deaths (Andre Waters, Chris Benoit come to mind).

Sports can be our vehicle to take steps to stop this kind of stuff.

3 thoughts on “Non-Sport Head Injuries Also Problem

  1. PaperBob January 25, 2011 / 04:47

    I get hit on the head sometimes. They aren’t strong, so I guess I’m lucky in a way, so they’re probably the mildest of concussions – if they even are. I do get extremely tired though, recently I’ve been sleeping like a cat. I have been hit though for sixteen days which is good, I’m just waiting for the one month line. The problem is though that recently I’ve been having exams so staying off school isn’t a possibility and I’ve had to balance revising and resting. Unfortunately I think I’ve done quite bad in one or two exams but when I focus hard I get this feeling in my head: “stop thinking now, stop, stop”. Maybe when I grow up I’ll want to be some sort of doctor or researcher or something in neuroscience because not enough people seem to understand a blow to he head is bad

    • louise August 17, 2011 / 11:53

      Definately not all concussion problems are sports related, years of mild hits to the Head – we’re now calling them TBI’s can cause irreversible brain injury damges, personality changes, and problems with the law.

  2. freddiwith January 5, 2012 / 07:47

    As a volunteer visitor at prison facilities in my state, I’ve been coming to the conclusion that a lot of these people I see who have “behavior problems” and ensuing abuse by prison staff, are related to some very severe head injuries sustained when they were children. Both from abusive adults and accidents. However, they are viewed as if they are just acting up to get their own way. How absurd. Anyone in their right mind would know that’s not how to “get your own way”. A lot of these inmates are otherwise very intelligent, talented, creative. What a tragedy and waste to keep these guys locked in solitary confinement for years on end. At best, they are stuffed with a cocktail of psychotropic drugs to keep them zoned out and less of a bother to the psych and guard staffers. Those who still have their intelligence sense there is something more to their condition and refuse the drugs and are fighting an uphill battle for proper treatment even though they don’t know exactly what the problem is. If brain scans are used for the purpose of marketing goods and services out their in “the real world” (watching how ads or commercials cause changes in peoples’ brain functions), surely some kind of study can be done on inmates to see what parts of their brains are damaged and causing aggressiveness, lack of impulse control and the like. Too many people “on the outside” have the attitude that “these people committed crimes, so they should be beaten, abused, or just execute them. Why should my taxes pay for these people in jail.” and so on and so on. How did our society become so deplorable?

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