Even though we had scattered reports about a few (three) concussions last week, seven have been added to the list for this week, bringing the total to 64 from pre-season through Week 7, 56 occurring in the regular season.  There is also the questionable listing of Zack Follett as a neck injury.  On bye this week are the Eagles, Falcons and Ravens, who had questionable injuries/instances where the head was involved.

The Oakland Raider and Denver Bronco debacle (Bronco fan here) resulted in 4 listed concussions, with Oakland listing three and Denver one.  Also an interesting listing, is Detroit listing Andre Fluellen as concussion, even after a bye week.

Last First POS Team Week
Sicko Scott TE DAL -1
Murphy Louis WR OAK -1
Curry Aaron LB SEA -1
Clayton Mark WR BAL 0
Grant Ryan RB GB 0
Bing Darnell LB HOU 0
Addai Joseph RB IND 0
Ware DJ RB NYG 0
Ghee Brandon DB CIN 1
Sorensen Nick DB CLE 1
Lacey Jacob DB IND 1
Keiaho Freddy LB JAX 1
Thomas Jay DB OAK 1
Furrey Mike WR WAS 1
Moore Matt QB CAR 2
Martin Charly WR CAR 2
Hillenmyer Hunter LB CHI 2
Ware DeMarcus DL DAL 2
Boss Kevin TE NYG 2
Bradley Stewart LB PHI 2
Kolb Kevin QB PHI 2
Ryan Clifton DL STL 2
Davis Will LB ARI 3
Mitchel Carlton WR CLE 3
Witten Jason TE DAL 3
Follett Zack LB DET 3
Gay Randall DB NO 3
Moore Evan TE NYG 3
Dahl Craig DB STL 3
Bryant Anthony DL WAS 3
Redding Corey DL BAL 4
Trusnik Jason LB CLE 4
Manningham Mario WR NYG 4
Ryan Clifton DL STL 4
Martin Sherrod DB CAR 5
Cutler Jay QB CHI 5
Shipley Jordan WR CIN 5
Scheffler Tony TE DET 5
Cooper Riley DB PHI 5
Samuel Asante DB PHI 5
Thomas Demaryius WR DEN 6
Johnson Landon LB DET 6
Rodgers Aaron QB GB 6
Gay Randall DB NO 6
Bell Jacob OL STL 6
Macintosh Rocky LB WAS 6
Robinson Dunta DB ATL 7
Cribbs Josh WR CLE 7
Massaquoi Mohamed WR CLE 7
Garrard David QB JAX 7
Abdullah Husain DB MIN 7
Edelman Julian WR NE 7
Brandon Myers TE OAK 7
Jackson DeSean WR PHI 7
Cooper Riley WR PHI 7
Ryan Clifton DL STL 7
Cooley Chris TE WAS 7
Cox Perrish DB DEN 8
Fluellen Andre DL DET 8
Hall Max QB ARI 8
Thurmond Walter DB SEA 8
Johnson Chris DB OAK 8
Satele Samson OL OAK 8
Shaughnessy Matt DL OAK 8

-1=Training Camp, 0=Pre-Season

Stats: 104 games and 56 concussions for a rate of .5385 (down from .5444)…  Average is 8.oo/week (down from 8.167)…  Rate of 8.02% (down from 8.20%)…  OAK now tied with NYG with 4 listed head injuries…

Look for your NFL Concussion Report Week 8 on Saturday as each player will be announced as active or not.

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