Week 7 Free For All

This week will be the second installment of our game-day blogging.  I will be tuned into the NFL RedZone and have the computer working overtime to bring up to the minute information regarding concussions.  I truly hope this is the last update, but sadly I don’t think so.

If you see/hear of a concussion/head injury you can email me at theconcussionblog@comcast.net, comment in this post, or tweet me @concussionblog.

Here is to hoping we don’t have much to report.


@Atlanta_Falcons: INJURY UPDATE: Falcons’ starting safety Thomas DeCoud woozy after big hit on C. Benson. He walked off without assistance. #atlcin10


At this point last week we were discussing about 4 concussions, and questionable hits…  Good to see that things are not nearly as busy…  Also a Concussion Alum, Riley Cooper caught his first career TD, congrats…


Jeremy Maclin goes out a bit unsteady after taking a knee to the back of the head (he has returned to the game)


A “chain-gang” member in the Super Dome (New Orleans) was blasted and hit the back of his head, is now being put on stretcher.  Reports have him losing consciousness.


Todd Heap had a very scary incident, as he collapses without contact in the Baltimore game.  Last week he took a vicious hit to the head that the Ravens listed as “stinger/neck” which I have called out as BS…  Could this be related, possibly, we will wait to see how things go later in the week.  If he goes back in the game, I will be really surprised and dumbfounded…


And Todd Heap has returned…  Anyone reading this, if you have an adolescent playing sports, DO NOT RETURN them after any brain disturbance….  I am extremely disappointing, but I guess I do not have all the facts, could have been “hypoglycemia”…


A seemingly triumphant day on the head injury front.  Looks as though there has been NO official reports of concussions as of now.  We will not officially know until Thursday.

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