Quotes from the Concussed

Here are some quotes I found from NFL players that have been involved with concussions:

“I had no idea what a nickel was.”  -Kevin Kolb, in regards to the defensive term of “nickel”.(1)

“…And kind of forgetful with some things. Just forgetting the little things. It’s just about not being normal, not being yourself. You can tell you’re not all the way there.”  -Stewart Bradley(1)

“But as I kept playing, I just started to get more and more of a headache, and I was a little bit slow, and I went over to our trainers and just said, ‘It’s done,’ ”  -Chris Cooley(2)

“He plays to knock people out,wouldn’t you want a linebacker like that on your team? I mean, honestly, a guy that you know is going to play and try to knock people out — try to knock the key players out of the game?”  -Josh Cribbs talking about James Harrison(3).

“I was running down on kickoff and trying to two-gap the guy that was blocking me, I wasn’t really looking at him, I was looking at the ball carrier and focused on him and the next thing I know his helmet went down and my head was up and it caught me just right and snapped my head back.  It sent shock waves down both of my arms and I kind of dropped down.”  -Zack Follett(4)

“To be honest, none of them have been real serious concussions where I’ve been blacked out and can’t remember things, I’ve seen guys come stumbling off the field who can’t remember their own name. Nothing has been that bad.”  -Kevin Boss(5)

“I think something needs to be done. It’s getting kind of out of hand.”  -Kevin Boss(6)

“It’s part of the game… Until it’s you.”  -Mario Manningham(6)

“There was a day, it’s awful to say, when a guy stumbling off the field was a funny thing. There were a lot of things that had no place in the game.”  -Former NFL’er John Lynch(6)

“I thought Cribbs was asleep.  A hit like that geeks you up, especially when you find out the guy is not really hurt, he’s just sleeping. He’s knocked out but he’s going to be okay.”  -James Harrison(7)

“There was a little bit of dizziness,” he explained later. “It’s kind of hard to diagnose. There’s no machine on the sideline you can just hook up.”  -Rocky McIntosh

Sources; (1) Burlington County Times, (2) David Elfen at Fanhouse, (3)Free Press News Service, (4) Tim Twentyman of The Detroit News, (5) Mark Viera of NYT, (6) Judy Battista of NYT, (7) Tracee Hamilton of Washington Post, (8) Rick Maese of Washington Post

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