Hunter Hillenmeyer Thoughts

The Chicago Bear linebacker that was put on the injured reserve after one game this season due to a concussion and its lingering symptoms, has some interesting thoughts about the changes the NFL has made the past few days.

Judging intent is a very tricky thing to do. Punishing players for anything but the most egregious, deliberate headhunting would not make the game safer. Reaching that goal requires a comprehensive overhaul, including improvements in health care, equipment and research, not just a reaction to the gasp-inducing hits on Sunday.

The above quote is his last and should be the most poignant.  But one thing no one can take away from the NFL is the fact that they address the issues, as quickly as possible.

Article from USAToday.

Hunter Hillenmeyer is on many committees for the NFL, one of which is the Traumatic Brain Injury Committee of the NFLPA.

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