Coming Soon!!!

*An up-to-date concussion list from the NFL with new numbers.  Thanks to and their friends at AutoAdmit Discussion board I was able to compile a comprehensive list of concussions from training camp through week 6.  The Week 7 official injury list has not been made available as of yet, but when it does I will have the fresh list for you.^

*Note: During training camp and pre-season teams did not have to officially list concussions, those players are listed because of wire stories.

^Skepticism: Possibly teams will not list players with a concussion, even though they sustained one or more symptoms of a disruptive head trauma (i.e., in Week 6, and this weeks injury report, we may not see; Addai (shoulder), Heap (stinger), or Follett (neck)) as “official concussions” and wont be counted on this list.

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