QC Times Concussion Series 3 of 3

Today in the final installment of the Quad City Times Head Games Series Andrew Peterson looks at new helmet designs and how they can help with reducing concussions.

One of the most widespread evolutions has come in the protective qualities of football helmets. In the 1960s, the plastic helmet first gained popularity, but in the past decade much more attention has been given to the quality of interior padding.

In 2002, Riddell released its Revolution helmet, featuring redesigned padding and an inflatable liner. Four years ago, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center published three years worth of research indicating that Revolution wearers are 31 percent less likely to suffer a concussion.

Also in the article Andrew wrote about mouthguards, rule adaptations, and what is next in the area of concussions.  I must say the Quad City Times picked a perfect weekend to run these stories, and good for them!  Andrew Peterson and Doug Green did a marvelous job looking into this hot topic.

Read the entire story HERE.

First Article.

Second Article.

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