Ice Hockey Summit: Action on Concussions

The Mayo Clinic is hosting this conference today and tomorrow in hopes of examining, educating and making changes in the sport of hockey to reduce the concussions.  As you have seen here on this blog NHL concussion are numerous, already.

The conference is being led and put together by Dr. Michael Stuart.

Stuart, the vice chair of orthopedic surgery and the co-director of sports medicine center departments at the Mayo Clinic, is spearheading a two-day summit on concussions beginning Tuesday.

Scientists, trainers, coaches, officials, and equipment manufacturers from the United States, Canada and Europe will gather at the clinic’s sports medicine center for the “Ice Hockey Summit: Action on Concussion” conference.

What is groundbreaking about this summit is that there will be an action plan voted on by the attendees and put into place after the summit is over.

“When this is done, we’re not only going to have the most up-to-date information about concussions, but we’re also going to have an action plan which has been prioritized by leaders in the medical community as well as the sport of hockey,” Stuart said.

Read the story at the

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