Quad City Times Concussion Series


Rock Island trainer Tim Mangold, left, and Dr. Thomas Von Gillern tend to the Rocks’ Chris Glover on Oct 8. Glover was shaken up on the play but did not sustain a concussion. (Louis Brems/Quad-City Times)

This is the second part to the concussion series being run by The Quad City Times and the prep section, written by Doug Green.  The first one was yesterday and focused on the injury itself.  Today’s story is about the athletic trainer and how they are at the front line of this issue.


As an athletic trainer I feel that our profession is not only capable but NEEDED at all levels of sports.  Either on-site for the games/practices or a phone call away.  A lot of educational time is devoted to head injuries for athletic trainers, and our continuing education requirements offer us the ability to continually learn in this area.  Sure, we are not MD’s/DO’s but our experience and rate of seeing these injuries make the athletic trainer somewhat of an “expert”.

As one doctor in the article states, deferring to the athletic trainer to know if the athlete is “right” is, in fact, a prudent and important step in returning athletes.

“I rely on the trainer to know what an athlete is normally like,” said Jessica Ellis, who is the team doctor for the Davenport school district and St. Ambrose University. “I have standardized tests with memory, cognition, balance checks.”

Read the rest of the story HERE.

Know what an athletic trainer is, HERE.

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