NFL’s Goodell in Washington for Conccusion Conference

As reported by Liz Matthews of some heavy hitters were at the Virgina Mason Athletic Center for a conference on concussions.  Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the National Football League, as well as Zackery Lystedt were there to “Keep Youth Sports Safe.”

Because of the popularity of the NFL and the important role it plays, “we have a responsibility to do what’s right and make a difference in people’s lives,” he said. Having started in the State of Washington, Goodell believes that the passing of this law would make a difference for all sports – not just football – for kids across the country.

“We all are learning more about the seriousness of the injuries. We have great medical experts who are working on research, making sure that we know more about these injuries. We obviously want to do everything to prevent them and one of the key features you heard today is these are preventable injuries.”

“We’re going to continue to play a leadership role,” said Goodell, “whether it’s changing rules to make sure our game is as safe as possible for our players or whether it’s the medical treatment and making sure that we have proper return-to-play guidelines.”

Commissioner Goodell was not only there to promote safety but to bring greater awareness on the Lystedt Law and making this the framework for a national law about concussions.

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