Friday Night Lights Week 7

Today has been relatively quiet on the news front regarding concussions.  Which is a good sign, I guess.  It would be good to have more educational pieces out there, and on more mainstream platforms, but I digress.

It is now week seven, and coming off the second victory the football team is playing well, and has another shot tonight.  Last week we had light in-game injuries, but were hit pretty hard after the fact.  By Monday we had 5-6 players out of practice due to some sort of injury.  Hard fought would be an understatement.  The most significant injury we had this week was what I suspected as a subluxed shoulder.

After evaluation and confidence that the shoulder was good enough for him to continue he was back in, didn’t miss an offensive snap.  However he did relay to meMonday that it “came out” again during the game and he had another offensive lineman help him put it back in.  Man that kid is tough, but a little off.  Needless to say no practice for him this week, and he will be heavily braced to play tonight, here is to hoping he can go all 4 quarters.

On the concussion front, last week we had two return, this week we get back one more.  That leaves us with two out due to concussions, not bad considering how many we had at once.  The days to return were as follows; 5, 14, 10, and 7…  The two out are currently at 11 and 8.  It looks like getting back will be in the 7-10 day range on average, like all models indicate.  Knock-on-wood we have not had a reoccurrence, and each of the individuals were prescribed time off from school for rest, and it has helped.  No symptoms have returned on the individuals, that listened to the advice, at school.  The two still out pushed the advice and came back to school too soon, and they are still out.  Correlation?

Changing gears a bit, I would like to recognize the volleyball team at our school.  Not only do I deal with football, a majority of the time, we still have tennis, cross country and volleyball going on.  The volleyball team is playing really well, and has only sustained one loss on the season, and no concussions (as of yet).  Here is to hoping they go far in the state tournament coming up soon.

Thanks for following the blog, we went over 1,000 hits earlier in the week, and I truly hope you find this information resourceful and fun.

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