First Line of Defense

In any battle you want a first line of defense that can help eliminate the problem, or a vast majority of it.  PRWeb wrote a story about the first line of defense in the concussion battle.  In the case of the Evansville, Indiana area it is a certain groups’ (ProRehab) athletic trainer’s.  Nationally, IT IS THE ATHLETIC TRAINER.

An athletic trainer is well versed in concussion education by trade, and from their educational background.  They are the first to see the injured individual, and may have even see the mechanism of injury.  The athletic trainer has the very rare ability to get immediate feedback.

If the athletic trainer is at the school everyday they have an added advantage, they will know the personality of each of the athletes.  Along with that the athletic trainer will know how each kids respond to injury, if they lie, if they over-exaggerate, etc.

Athletic trainers are the first line of defense in the concussion battle and because of that more and more people need to let our doctors, lawyers, and politicians know that fact.  The profession needs more recognition and respect and abilities to do more.

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