Most Recent Helmets

Here are some pictures of recent helmet designs.  I would like to say that the performance of the helmets have improved over the past 11 years, and even 4 years.  With the introduction of new helmet makers technology can only get better.  The main difference in technology over the recent years is the removal of foam as the “absorption” material and using more “air” or “dead-space” in the helmet.

Riddell Revo Speed (2010)

Schutt Ion-4D (2009)

Schutt DNA Pro+

Xenith X-1 (2009)


5 thoughts on “Most Recent Helmets

  1. Mike October 11, 2010 / 11:29

    Dustin, the Revo Speed came out in either 2008 or 2009. That picture you have is from the Army-Navy game in 2009 when Army went with the camo uniforms. I’m thinking that the Revo Speed actually debuted in 2008 and was out full-force in 2009. I know that one of our high school players had one last year.

  2. Dustin Fink October 11, 2010 / 16:55

    That is correct Mike… However they are the most recent versions of football helmets from each company…

  3. Mark Picot November 6, 2010 / 09:13

    As Cantu has stated, helmets can’t be improved any better than the current generation of products without making them larger and they are designed to prevent skull fracture, not concussion. He should know, not only is he running the research on concussion at Boston University, he oversee’s the testing of all helmets for the industry. That said, in congressional testimony, he also stated, concussion can be a result of blows to the chin and jaw. The one thing common in all these helmets, including military helmets, is the chin strap design. The chin strap receives all the forces from a moving helmet. If it is not fit properly or if the cold deflates the inner air chambers, then the helmet will move during a hit to the facemask or rotational blow. These rotational blows have been implicated in NFL research to be a major contributor in most concussions in video review of NFL concussion. Due to the chin strap and the fact that Cantu confirms, the jaw is related, it must become part of the dialogue in talking about concussion. Supporting the inner skeletal structure with a medically fit, orthotic device, has been shown in preliminary research and within the NFL with the N.E. Patriots, to benefit those who are prone to this specific type of jaw/concussion. Common tooth protecting guards do nothing to address temporal mandibular issues, only teeth.
    Futhermore, Dr Jeffery Shaefer of Harvard/Mass General Hospital Temporo Mandibular Research states, an uneven supply of energy to the cervical spine (head/Neck) musculature, may result in that individual being more prone to mtbi. He goes on to say, an uneven bite, resulting in an uneven temporal mandibular joint alignment causing uneven nerve energy to the supporting muscles, should be corrected prior to any contact activity. This is a diagnosable condition that should be part of any pre season, prior to play protocol. has a published study peer reviewed by Dr. Shaefer.

    Mark Picot
    Executive Vice President
    Mahercor Laboratories, LLC
    Cell # 617-968-3616

  4. Jeffrey Rovell December 27, 2010 / 11:09

    Jaw Joint Prortection is important to protect the TMJ which is just under the Base of the Skull and thererfore the BRAIN is subject to a concussive force.
    See BRAIN PADfor the product that will offer potential reduction of concussion by FACE MASK and JAW HITS under the Chin.

  5. zib reas October 3, 2011 / 13:29

    riddell 360 is the newest helmet out there

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